Ma lettre de motivation pour devenir au pair aux USA

La lettre de motivation pour devenir au pair aux USA est une étape obligatoire !

Que soit pour un job étudiant, une école, un stage etc… la lettre de motivation est toujours un passage obligé. Alors comme tu t’en doutes, tu n’allais pas y échapper lors de ton inscription comme au pair.

Il y a plusieurs façon d’écrire une lettre de motivation, il n’existe pas un modèle à suivre. Cependant si je devais donner des conseils sur quoi mettre dans une lettre de motivation pour devenir au pair…

  • Présente toi rapidement !

Nom, prénom, âge, nombre de frères et sœurs, où tu vis, ton quotidien….

  • Parle de tes expériences avec les enfants !

L’âge des enfants que tu as gardés, combien de temps, tes diplômes….

  • Décris de ta personnalité !

Raconte ce qui te fait vibrer, tes valeurs, des exemples correspondant à tes traits de personnalité…

  • Partage tes hobbies !

Tout ce que tu fais, aimes faire, comment tu souhaites l’enseigner aux enfants si c’est possible…

  • Explique pourquoi tu voudrais être au pair…

On évite de seulement dire “j’avais envie de voyager” hein? Garde dans le message que l’envie vient aussi du fait qu’on aime s’occuper d’enfants…

  • … et pourquoi tu es l’AU PAIR à choisir !

 En deux mots : pourquoi toi ? et pas une autre. Que peux-tu apporter à cette famille, c’est quoi ton petit truc en plus…

Et si je devais ne donner qu’un conseil :

Donne envie aux familles de te contacter pour en savoir plus sur toi.

Si tu veux un peu d’inspiration, j’ai mis à dispo ma lettre de motivation pour devenir au pair aux usa. Tu peux aussi découvrir mon application en ligne chez Cultural Care en cliquant ici !

Bonne lecture !

La lettre de motivation pour devenir au pair aux USA

” Hello dear family 🙂 !

First of all, let me introduce myself more precisely! My name is Claire-Lise , I am 21 years old and I live by myself in a flat , in the south of France in the city of Tarnos. I have three sisters,one brother and seven nieces and nephews.I share my life between my work and my studies.

Actually, every friday I have to drive two hours to go to my faculty because I am preparing a test, I look after children the rest of the week, and sometimes during the week end I work as a hotesse in VIP room receptions at the rugby games .

I have a lot of experience with children, I learned a lot of things about them when I worked in the holiday center because I had to look after a big group of kids . Thanks to that job I learned a lot of things regarding children and their interests.

I have been working with a nanny agency for two years ,thanks to them i now work in two families every week.When I joined the agency 3 years ago, I met a family with two children: Gabrielle was 3 years old and Matthieu was 4 years old. I’m always with them during the week and the holidays, and now they are like my family.I am very close to these children,their mother and I really are like friends now, and I try to give the best of me for them.

Concerning personnality I am: serious , discreet and I follow the rules that my employer gives me. If I make a mistake , I apologize and always try to do better . I am dynamic, positive and patient.I am someone that you can totally trust in because i am honnest and loyal. I like to take initiative for my entourage, to give them a little happyness.I am not shy ,and I love to have fun.

When I’m with the children , I try to give them selfconfidence,I help them to grow up with love and joy.I am not afraid of beeing ridiculous when I play with kids. For example I’m ok to wear costumes ,I come in their world and try to laugh with them. I am very patient. I try to give them good values for their lifes.

Now, I would like to tell you about my hobbies.

I love to spend time with my family and my friends.I love cooking , I often cook for my friends and my family.I love to see movies, or go to the restaurant with them.

I love to go out and practice sports like , running, bike , playing tennis or football with my friends . I am in a fitness club and I try to practice sport two times a week minimum.

In my region, there are a lot of things to see or to do: there are museums, aquarium, sports challenge ( specially in surf and rugby )and there are a lot of very beautiful historic or nature’s places to see.

I love shopping, I am interested in fashion, I always try to look good. Less girly hobbies : I like to play video games and I am fascinated by cars. Last October I traveled to Paris specially to go to the World of Automobile to see many wonderfull cars.

I have wanted to be aupair for five years, and I think it is the best moment for me to do it. I care about children , and especially when I can build a relationship based on trust living with them. It makes me happy when I see I have learned them good things or when I give them good memories for their life. I want to be helpful to them , lead them on the right way.

I am facinated by the USA , that is why I chose this country to be an aupair, and i know this is the best way to speak english very well, and it could be a good thing for my work in the future .

My goal when I will be au pair in your family , is to give you the best of me, be like an sister, a friend and a personn of trust to you and your children. Bring you happiness, good times and memories.

I am interested in many things , and I love to discover new ones . So I wish, I can do it, respecting your family’s tradition and culture.

The aupair program is the blend of my passion for the children and my will to discover other cultures and languages , that is why I want to be aupair 🙂 .

Dear family, I wish this little letter will tempt you to contact me and know more about me .

Waiting for your news, friendly


Bonjour et bienvenue sur mon blog ! Je m'appelle Claire-Lise, anciennement expatriée aux USA. Je partage mes aventures, conseils, idées et accompagnent les personnes motivées par le programme au pair !


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